Samsung Note 10 Plus

The Galaxy Note 10+ will be too expensive for some people. It’ll be too big for others. Some will balk at its lack of a headphone jack and a few might really want a dual selfie cam.

But if the four drawbacks I list above aren’t an issue, the Galaxy Note 10+ should quickly become your favorite phone of all time. No matter what handset you’re upgrading from, the Note 10+ will be an improvement, likely a significant one. It’s not just the speed (though it’s basically the fastest phone ever made) or the display (which is pretty much flawless). From the bezels to the battery life, the Note 10+ is at the very top of its game, capping off Samsung’s strongest year in recent memory.

It’s so good, I’m not sure where Samsung goes from here. While previous Galaxy Note phones have left clear upgrade paths for future models, the Note 10+ clips every branch with a package that’s as stunning as it is expensive. As long as you can handle its massive size. Table of Contents

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The closest yet to an small-screen design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Note+ is what it doesn’t have. Namely, bezels. Samsung has somehow trimmed the area above and below the display beyond even what the Galaxy S phones brought earlier this year, giving the Note 10+ a real full-screen feel. They bezels are so skinny, I didn’t even mind the extra millimeter of space on the bottom.